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St. Philip's Priory, Chelmsford, England
  • Vidimus stellam
    It is not unknown for Norbertines to have slightly unusual pious devotions. One of my own lesser devotions is to the Star of Bethlehem, that is commemorated this week at the end of the Twelve Days, when Christ manifested himself … Continue reading
  • 2016
    MMXVI 2016 1630 years since the conversion of Our Holy Father Augustine 1586 years since the death of Our Holy Father Augustine 936 years since the birth of Our Holy Father Norbert 923 years since the birth of Blessed Hugh … Continue reading
  • Premonstratensians and gingerbread
    As the holy feast approaches, some of the most beautiful passages from the old testament are uttered in the sanctuary during the Mass. Yesterday, we heard the famous sentences from the Song of Songs, where the Bride sings to her Bridegroom, … Continue reading
  • Rorate Mass
    I’m often asked, “What is your Order’s charism?” It stumps me a little, because we are much too old to have been founded with a particular charism in mind (much like the Rosary; the second question I’m asked is “why don’t … Continue reading
The Canonry

Our community was established as a canonry of the Order of Canons Regular of Prémontré in 2004.

The Canons reside at St. Philip's Priory in Chelmsford where we serve two busy parishes. As well as the parishes, the canons are involved in a wide variety of apostolates that take them near and far. The apostolates taken by the Canons of St. Philip's reflect both the active and contemplative natures of our life. One canon teaches at university, another is a school chaplain, another a chaplain to a convent of Dominican sisters.

The parish apostolate is the main focus of our active life, but the contemplative nature also involves much labour. To this end the community is served by a dedicated cantor as we strive to make our worship of Almighty God the most solemn and beautiful way it can be. Recently our community celebrated its first ordination and we are fortunate to have students for the priesthood, preparing both for ordination and solemn vows and studying to that end.

As Canons of the Order of Prémontré we hope that our life still bears witness to those first hopes and prayers of Our Holy Fathers Norbert and Augustine.


You Are My Order...

“You are my Order. Just as bishops have their canons delegated to offer public prayer in their diocese, in the same way you are my canons, not just for one diocese, but for the universal Church.”

- Pope Pius XI

St. Norbert on the Priesthood

O Priest, who are you?
You are not yourself because you are God
You are not of yourself because you are the servant and minister of Christ.
You are not your own because you are the spouse of the Church.
You are not yourself because you are the mediator between God and man.
You are not from yourself because you are nothing.
What then are you? Nothing and everything.
O Priest!
Take care lest what was said to Christ on the cross be said to you:
"He saved others, himself he cannot save!"

178 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0AR, UK